The Company

What began as just a hobby 30 years ago – searching for and collecting old keys, locks and safes – has finally developed into a professional enterprise in which the passion for searching and restoring these wonderful antiques still plays an important role.

Meanwhile the collection includes many antique safes in various sizes and models which were sought and found all over Europe: from early show-pieces from the Napoleonic era of museum quality, to top pieces dating from the end of the 19th century. All of them valuable unique objects displaying historical craftsmanship. Many of them dated and signed by a master craftsman. All masterpieces boast impressive lock and bolt mechanisms. The decors are often fire-gilded and made by an artist commissioned by the master locksmith.

Fans of these historic witnesses, coming from various countries have found here what they had been looking for. So if you also love beautiful and valuable antiques, have a look at the pictures or make an appointment in order to marvel at all this in person.

Safes are restored on request or are available in unrestored condition.

Peter Hausoul and Ruud Bleijlevens